Nominations Open for Daughters of the Year

Daughters Day 2013

April 30, 2013: For immediate release

Nominations open for Daughters of the Year

Daughters Day began in 2012. At a September 1 celebration the achievements of four women, Faye Dewar, Rumana Monzur, Karina Pillay-Kinnee, and Renee Vaugeois, were recognized with the first Daughters of the Year awards.

“There are so many who deserve recognition that Daughters of the Year is expanding in 2013,” explains the project’s chair Charan Khehra.

This year Daughters of the Year is inviting nominations from the public. “Think of women who impress you for how they are making life better in our communities, how they exemplify qualities or actions that inspire others, or demonstrate exceptional achievement, perhaps in the face of significant challenges,” invites project coordinator Jim Gurnett.

The nomination deadline is June 30. Presentations will take place at the September 1 event where all nominees will be introduced and award recipients will be recognized.

Nominations may be made for any one of the categories:
  • Arts, Culture & Entertainment;
  • Business;
  • Community Service & Volunteerism;
  • Education;
  • Health & Medicine;
  • Human Rights;
  • Public Service & Politics;
  • Science & Technology;
  • Sports & Recreation.
Nominees must be residents of Alberta at the time of nomination, or students or workers temporarily outside the province. There is no age restriction on nominees.
Daughters Day is an initiative to celebrate the lives, contributions and achievements of all daughters; and to work to ensure that every daughter has full opportunity to achieve all she can without discrimination or abuse. In addition to the Daughters of the Year and a major public event on September 1, this year the Daughters Day project will include consultations with women in several communities focused around ending gender discrimination.

Nomination forms for the 2013 Daughters of the Year can be downloaded at Information about the 2012 Daughters of the Year is available at

For further information or comment, please contact Jim Gurnett (780-218-6989 or

Celebrating the lives of all our daughters

Legislature Introductions


Province of Alberta
The 28th Legislature First Session Alberta Hansard
Wednesday afternoon, October 31, 2012
Issue 12a
The Honourable Gene Zwozdesky, Speaker

Introduction of Guests

The Speaker: Hon. members, it is indeed a great pleasure for me to introduce to all of you in the Assembly today members of the Daughters Day Committee who are seated in the Speaker’s gallery. Established in mid-2011, Daughters Day is the initiative of a group of volunteer individuals and more than 40 diverse community organizations who are all dedicated to celebrating the lives, the contributions, and the achievements of all daughters in our society. I will ask the following individuals to rise as I call their names and to remain standing until all have been introduced and then we can greet them all very warmly as one: chairperson and former citizenship judge Gurcharan Singh Bhatia; vice-chairperson and former economist with the Alberta government Charan Khehra; Ratna Basappa, Indo-Canadian Women’s Association; Sonia Bitar, former citizenship judge; Satya Das, principal at Cambridge Strategies; Jim Gurnett, who is a former MLA and executive director of the Mennonite Centre and is technically a visitor with us – welcome, Jim – Dr. Zohra Husaini, Indo-Canadian Women’s Association; Trina Joshi, a journalist; Paula Kirman, a freelance writer, photographer, and musician; Poushali Mitra, a worker in the human services sector; Christina Nsaliwa, Edmonton Immigrant Services Association; Didar Singh Pannu, former superintendent of schools; Shaykh Sheikh, religious minister for the Muslim community; and Miriam Thomas, president of the Indo-Canadian Women’s Association. Hon. members, let’s welcome and thank them all.


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Welcome to the new website for Daughters Day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our website to reflect our upcoming celebration in 2013, so please bear with us as we get everything up and running. In the meantime, please keep checking back as we will be adding more information on a regular basis.