Can you help spread news of Daughters Day?

The Heritage Festival takes place this weekend. It has been a prime opportunity over the past two years to give out handbills about Daughters Day. I have found that there is no trouble at all handing out 250 in an hour. just moving about to groups of people at the bus area.

Having people there at different times over the three days will be the best way to reach many people rather than having one large group there at one time. A simple way is to distribute for a half hour or an hour before you begin to enjoy the festival itself for yourself.

If you can do some handbilling anytime over the weekend, please let me know how many you feel you can give out. Also let me know if you need a t-shirt and the size you need. And how best to get them to you over the rest of this week.

The following weekend (Saturday afternoon) is the Cari-West parade, when it is good to have people walk along in advance of the parade and give handbills to those along the sidewalk and to distribute to the huge crowd at Churchill Square at the end of the parade. And during the 10 days or so of the Fringe Festival there are many opportunities to distribute around the Whyte Avenue area where it takes place. Early evening is best for this but afternoons are also fine. This can be done on any days that are convenient.

Handbilling is not difficult work. You move at your own pace. Almost everyone is happy to take a handbill and many express pleasure to find out about Daughters Day. There may be no better way to reach out than this personal contact. The times you can do it are very flexible and can fit with when you are going to the event yourself. Please find some time to help if you are able. And feel welcome to invite a spouse or friend to join you and work together.

If you are able to help, please contact Jim Gurnett at (780) 218-6989 or jimgurnett [at] yahoo [dot] ca.

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