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There are many opportunities to be involved helping make the Daughters Day 2013 event on August 24 a big success. Please share a few hours of your time this summer to get involved. Fill in the information below and return to Jim Gurnett at or 402 Conifer Street, Sherwood Park T8A 1M9.

Promoting Daughters Day celebration:Distributing handbills to members of the public at such events as Heritage Days, Fringe Festival, CariWest parade, K-Days parade– walking about and offering handbills to let people know about the event. Various dates and times all summer.

Selling ads for the program booklet:Calling organizations, businesses, politician offices to ask them to place messages in the program booklet. From the convenience of your own home. July 1-15 period.

August 24:On the day of the celebration we need people to help set up City Hall (Noon-1 PM); to register and orient people for the commitment walk (12:30-1:30 PM); to welcome people to the information fair and program (1-2 PM); oversee refreshments and general site help (1-4 PM); do clean-up when things are over (3-4 PM).

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Yes, I’d like to help out with Daughters Day.

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