Keynote Speaker: Christine Sokaymoh Frederick

Daughters Day is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for the August 24 celebration at City Hall. In addition to her presentation, there will be a chance to meet and hear from this year’s Daughters of the Year recipients and enjoy some exciting entertainment.

CSFrederick01 Christine Sokaymoh Frederick is the Chair of the Edmonton Arts Council and the co-founder/co-director of Alberta Aboriginal Arts, and is the Aboriginal Leadership Academy Coordinator for the Centre for Race & Culture. She is Métis, an Edmonton-based artist with many years of experience as an actor, writer, singer/musician, dancer, community developer, facilitator and producer, and she has an arts & cultural administration background with many connections to the local and traditional community in and around Alberta.

She has consulted for the City of Edmonton’s cultural plan The Art of Living (Edmonton Arts Council) and on the 2005 draft of Alberta’s Cultural Policy for the Alberta Ministry of Community Development. Christine is the recipient of the 2007 Esquao Award in Arts & Entertainment. Her children’s book Minosis Gathers Hope is in development including adaptations to the stage for Full Circle Performance’s Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver and Edmonton’s Concrete Theatre’s Sprouts Festival. Christine dedicates herself to promoting and supporting the tender network of Aboriginal artists across Turtle Island.

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