“Women of all ages are among the most vulnerable members of humanity. In every country, including Canada, they face many forms of abuse, neglect, poverty and violence. We condemn such injustices against women, every one of whom is someone’s daughter. We seek a better life for them and for everyone, beginning in our own community.”
– Daughters Day Organizing Committee, Edmonton, 2011 –

Welcome to Daughters Day

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Daughters Day is a community initiative to highlight the importance of the daughters in all our lives – every girl and woman is a daughter – and to support the flourishing of communities committed to an end to all discrimination and to stopping human rights abuses against women.

Daughters Day began with a celebration on September 1, 2012, in Edmonton’s Churchill Square. The celebration included speakers who educated about the role of daughters in building a civil society and shared messages to respect human rights of girls and women, and to abhor violence against them. There was a keynote address by Slave Lake mayor Karina Pillay-Kinnee, entertainment, an information fair, and the honouring of four women as Daughters of the Year.

With nearly 400 people in attendance, including Alberta Premier Alison Redford and her daughter, and much positive response, planning began for a 2013 event. It took place on August 24 and was another success with several hundred people there.

In 2014, the Daughters Day initiative released a handbook that presented the results of conversations with groups of women over recent months in how to end gender discrimination. Daughters Day 2014 took place on September 6 and 12 women were honoured as Daughters of the Year.

Daughters Day 2015 took place on August 29 at City Hall, where six remarkable women were celebrated as Daughters of the Year.

Community members in Edmonton resolved to increase awareness about loving, caring, and sharing daughters as human beings, mothers, and leaders in fields such as medicine, business, arts, education, and politics can have a great influence on more peaceful successful communities. We invite you to get involved.