Ending Gender Discrimination: The Handbook

In 2015, the handbook Together: Creating A Better World was published. It is based on gathering input from nearly 200 women in Alberta. It is available for download here. The book can be downloaded as a single document, or sections of it can be downloaded. 

The book is also available in paper form. There is no set price for the book, it is provided by donation, or at no cost. Postage and shipping is at a cost of $5/book. To order copies of the book, please contact us.


Canadians for a Civil Society (CCS) invites interested groups in Alberta to host workshops based on the handbook. The focus is training women as community activists. A workshop needs a host organization that would work with CCS by providing a venue and recruiting 10 to 15 participants. Informal groups are welcome. There is no cost to the four-hour workshops. Days and times of the day are flexible. Participants receive a small honorarium and child care can be provided. If you are interested in the workshop, please contact us.

Download the Handbook